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History of the Cigar Box Opening Tool


Cigar box opening tools, also known as cigar box keys or "perfecto knives," have a long and rich history. In the 19th century, cigar boxes were often constructed with tight-fitting lids that required a tool to open. At the time, many cigar boxes were made of cedar, which was believed to help preserve the flavor of the cigars.

The cigar box opening tool was typically a small metal key or knife that could be used to pry open the box. The tool would be inserted into a small slot in the box lid, and then turned to release the latch or catch that held the lid closed. The design of these tools varied, with some featuring a simple flat blade and others having a more elaborate shape that allowed for better leverage.

As cigar boxes became more decorative and ornate in the early 20th century, cigar box opening tools also became more elaborate and decorative. Some tools were designed to match the style and design