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Top 15 Secrets Every Cigar Smoker Should Know


Here are 15 secrets that every cigar smoker should know:

1、Store your cigars in a humidor to keep them fresh and prevent them from drying out.

2、Keep your humidor away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent damage to your cigars.

3、Rotate your cigars every few weeks to ensure even aging and prevent the development of flat spots.

4、Cut your cigar carefully to avoid damaging the cap and ruining the draw.

5、Light your cigar slowly and evenly, using a butane lighter or wooden matches.

6、Never inhale cigar smoke, as it can be harmful to your health.

7、Pair your cigar with a beverage that complements its flavor, such as a dark rum or red wine.

8、Don't smoke too quickly, as this can cause the cigar to overheat and ruin the flavor.

9、Avoid smoking cigars in areas with poor ventilation, as the smoke can be unpleasant for others.

10、Use a cigar holder or rest to prevent the cigar from touching surfaces and picking up unwanted flavors.

11、Don't relight a cigar that has gone out, as this can cause an unpleasant taste and smell.

12、Consider trying cigars with different wrappers, binders, and fillers to explore new flavors and aromas.

13、Don't over-humidify your cigars, as this can cause them to become soggy and ruin the flavor.

14、Store your cigars separately from other scented items, as they can absorb unwanted odors.

15、Don't rush the smoking experience – take your time and enjoy the flavors and aromas of your cigar.