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Cigar & Hot Tea Pairings


Cigar and hot tea pairings can be a great way to enjoy two of life's simple pleasures. Here are some suggestions for cigars and teas that complement each other well:

1、Earl Grey Tea and Connecticut Shade Cigars: The light, floral notes of Earl Grey tea pair nicely with the mellow, creamy flavors of Connecticut Shade cigars.

2、Darjeeling Tea and Habano Cigars: The spicy, floral notes of Darjeeling tea pair well with the bold, complex flavors of Habano cigars.

3、Green Tea and Cameroon Cigars: The light, grassy notes of green tea pair well with the smooth, nutty flavors of Cameroon cigars.

4、Oolong Tea and Maduro Cigars: The earthy, complex flavors of Oolong tea pair well with the rich, chocolaty flavors of Maduro cigars.

5、Chai Tea and Corojo Cigars: The warm, spicy notes of chai tea pair well with the bold, peppery flavors of Corojo cigars.

When pairing cigars and hot tea, it's important to remember to choose a tea that complements the flavors of the cigar rather than overpowering them. It's also a good idea to experiment with different pairings to find the combination that best suits your palate.