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Long Filler Cigars


Long filler cigars, also known as handmade cigars, are cigars made from long leaf tobacco that runs the entire length of the cigar. The long leaf tobacco used for the filler is carefully selected and blended to create a consistent and complex flavor profile. Long filler cigars are typically hand-rolled by skilled cigar makers, who carefully construct each cigar by hand to ensure a high level of quality and consistency.

The long filler tobacco used in these cigars is harvested from the top leaves of tobacco plants and is then aged for a period of time to enhance its flavor and aroma. The long filler tobacco is then sorted and blended to create a unique flavor profile for each cigar. The long filler tobacco is then wrapped in a binder, which holds the tobacco in place and gives the cigar its shape. Finally, the cigar is wrapped in a wrapper leaf, which adds to the flavor profile and appearance of the cigar.

Long filler cigars are known for their high quality and complexity, as the blend of different types of long filler tobacco can create a wide range of flavors and aromas. They are often considered to be superior to short filler cigars, which are made from chopped tobacco and are typically less consistent and flavorful. Long filler cigars are a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and tradition of handmade cigars, as well as the nuanced and complex flavors that they offer.