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Cigar Cooler vs. Humidor


Both cigar coolers and humidors are designed to store and maintain the proper conditions for storing cigars, but they work in different ways.

A cigar cooler is essentially a refrigerator designed specifically for storing cigars. It's a larger unit with an airtight seal that keeps the temperature and humidity levels constant. The temperature is usually set at around 65-70°F, and the humidity is maintained at around 70%. These coolers usually come equipped with digital controls, LED lighting, and adjustable shelves to make it easy to organize your cigars.

On the other hand, a humidor is a smaller box designed specifically for storing cigars. It's usually made of wood and lined with Spanish cedar, which helps to maintain the proper humidity level. A humidifier and hygrometer are used to regulate the humidity level inside the humidor, which is typically set between 65-75%. The temperature inside a humidor is usually maintained at around 70°F, although this can vary slightly depending on the type of cigars you're storing.

So which one is better? It depends on your personal preference and how many cigars you want to store. If you have a large collection of cigars and want to keep them all in one place, a cigar cooler is the way to go. However, if you have a smaller collection or want a more traditional storage option, a humidor is the better choice. A humidor is also more portable, making it a good choice for traveling or taking your cigars with you on the go.