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Cigar X Cuts


A "cigar X cut" is a type of cut made to the head of a cigar that creates an X-shaped opening instead of the traditional straight cut. This type of cut is also sometimes called a "cross cut" or a "double cut."

To make an X cut, you simply make two perpendicular cuts to the head of the cigar, creating an X shape. This type of cut can be made with a straight cutter or a V-cutter.

The advantage of an X cut is that it allows for more airflow and can enhance the flavor and draw of the cigar. It also allows for a cooler and smoother smoke, as the X cut reduces the chance of the cigar becoming too hot.

However, it's important to note that not all cigars are suitable for an X cut. This type of cut is typically best suited for cigars with larger ring gauges, as smaller cigars may not have enough room for the X cut without compromising the integrity of the wrapper. Additionally, some cigar smokers may find the X cut to be too aggressive and prefer a traditional straight cut or a V-cut instead.