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Ron White & Cigars


Ron White is a well-known comedian who is often associated with cigars. He is frequently seen smoking cigars during his comedy performances and has spoken openly about his love of cigars in interviews and on social media.

White has stated that he first started smoking cigars in the early 1990s, when he was a struggling comedian working in a cigar bar in Texas. He was introduced to cigars by the regular customers at the bar and quickly developed a taste for them.

Since then, White has become an avid cigar enthusiast and has been known to smoke a variety of high-quality cigars, including Cuban cigars. He has even partnered with a cigar company to create his own line of cigars, which are called Number Juan Tequila Cigars and are infused with his own brand of tequila.

In addition to his love of cigars, White is also known for his appreciation of whiskey and often pairs his cigars with a glass of his favorite whiskey or scotch. He has been known to joke about his smoking and drinking habits during his comedy performances, and many of his fans have come to associate him with the image of a cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking comedian.

Overall, Ron White's love of cigars has become a signature part of his persona as a comedian, and he continues to enjoy and promote the pleasures of smoking cigars to this day.