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Why Are My Cigars Soft When I Smoke Them?


If your cigars are smoking soft, there could be a few potential reasons:

1、Over-humidification: If your cigars are stored in an environment that is too humid, the tobacco can absorb excess moisture and become soft or spongy. This can affect the burn and flavor of the cigar. To fix this issue, try storing your cigars in a drier environment (around 65-70% relative humidity).

2、Poor construction: If a cigar is poorly constructed, it can burn too quickly and smoke too soft. This can be a result of uneven filler, improper rolling, or other factors related to the cigar's construction. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to fix a poorly constructed cigar, but you can try selecting higher quality cigars from reputable brands.

3、Under-filled: If a cigar is under-filled, it can feel soft and spongy when you smoke it. This can be caused by a lack of tobacco inside the cigar or a lack of proper packing during the rolling process. To avoid this issue, try selecting cigars with a firm and consistent feel.

4、Age: Cigars that are too young or have not been properly aged may feel soft or spongy when smoked. This is because the tobacco has not had enough time to mature and develop the flavors and texture that come with proper aging. To avoid this issue, try selecting cigars that have been aged for at least a few years, or consider aging your own cigars in a humidor.

Overall, it's important to pay attention to the humidity and storage conditions of your cigars to ensure that they smoke properly. If you continue to experience issues with soft or spongy cigars, it may be worth consulting with a cigar expert or visiting a reputable cigar shop for more advice.