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How to Fix an Uneven Cigar Burn


An uneven burn on a cigar can be frustrating and ruin the smoking experience. Here are some steps you can take to fix an uneven cigar burn:

1、Rotate the cigar - One of the easiest ways to fix an uneven burn is to rotate the cigar in your fingers. This will help even out the heat distribution and encourage the burn to correct itself.

2、Re-light the cigar - If the uneven burn is caused by the cigar going out, re-lighting it may help even out the burn. Use a torch lighter to touch up the sections of the cigar that are not burning evenly.

3、Use a lighter or torch to touch up the cigar - If rotating and re-lighting the cigar doesn't help, use a lighter or torch to touch up the areas that are not burning evenly. Hold the flame to the sections that are not burning properly, but be careful not to overheat or char the tobacco.

4、Purge the cigar - Purging is a technique where you blow air through the cigar to clear out any excess ash or tar buildup. This can help even out the burn and improve the draw.

5、Tap or gently roll the cigar - Sometimes the cause of an uneven burn is a knot or uneven tobacco in the cigar. Tapping or gently rolling the cigar can help dislodge any obstructions and even out the burn.

By using these techniques, you should be able to correct an uneven burn and enjoy your cigar to the fullest.