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Why a Humidor Might Lose Humidity


There are several reasons why a humidor might lose humidity:

1、Improper seasoning: If a humidor is not properly seasoned before use, it may not be able to maintain humidity levels. Seasoning allows the cedar to absorb moisture and creates a seal to prevent the escape of humidity.

2、Leaky seal: A humidor with a leaky seal will allow humidity to escape. This can happen if the lid doesn't fit snugly or if there are gaps in the seal.

3、Dry weather conditions: Low humidity levels in the air can affect the humidity levels inside a humidor. In dry weather conditions, the air inside the humidor may become too dry, causing the humidity to drop.

4、Overuse: If a humidor is opened and closed frequently, it can cause the humidity to drop. This is because the air inside the humidor is exchanged with the air outside, which can be dryer.

5、Lack of maintenance: Humidors need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they are working properly. This includes checking and refilling the humidification device and monitoring humidity levels regularly.

To prevent a humidor from losing humidity, it is important to properly season the humidor, ensure a tight seal, monitor humidity levels regularly, and maintain the humidification device as needed.