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How to Relight a Cigar


Relighting a cigar can be a bit tricky, but it is definitely possible if done correctly. Here are the steps to follow when relighting a cigar:

1、Gently tap off any ash on the end of the cigar, being careful not to damage the wrapper.

2、Hold the cigar horizontally and slowly rotate it over a flame or butane lighter, without touching the flame directly, to char the end of the cigar.

3、Blow gently on the end of the cigar to remove any excess ash and check if the cigar is drawing properly.

4、If the cigar is drawing well, then continue to puff on the cigar until the flame catches and the cigar is lit. If the cigar is not drawing well, then use a cigar tool or a toothpick to gently poke through the ash at the end of the cigar to clear any blockages.

5、Once the cigar is lit, take a few gentle puffs to establish the burn and then resume smoking as usual.

It is important to note that relighting a cigar can affect the flavor and aroma of the cigar, so it's best to avoid having to relight a cigar whenever possible. To prevent the cigar from going out, try to smoke it at a steady pace and rotate it frequently while smoking to ensure an even burn. Additionally, keeping the cigar in a stable environment with consistent temperature and humidity can also help prevent the cigar from going out.