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Cigar Tastes Burnt


If your cigar tastes burnt, there could be several reasons why:

1、Overheating - If you smoke your cigar too fast, the heat can cause the tobacco to burn too quickly and become overheated. This can result in a burnt taste.

2、Uneven burn - If your cigar is not burning evenly, one part of the cigar may become overheated while the other part is underheated. This can cause the overcooked tobacco to taste burnt.

3、Improper storage - If your cigars have been stored in a location that is too hot or too dry, the tobacco can become dried out and burn too quickly, resulting in a burnt taste.

4、Low-quality cigar - Low-quality cigars may be made with inferior tobacco that has not been properly cured, which can cause it to taste burnt.

To avoid a burnt taste, make sure to smoke your cigar slowly and evenly. Try to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the smoking process, and avoid overheating the tobacco. Additionally, store your cigars in a humidor to keep them at the proper temperature and humidity level. If you are still experiencing a burnt taste, consider trying a different brand or type of cigar to see if the problem persists.