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Why Cigars Smell Like Ammonia


Cigars can sometimes smell like ammonia, which is a common odor associated with cleaning products and animal urine. This is because cigars are made from natural tobacco leaves that undergo a fermentation process to remove excess moisture and improve the flavor and aroma. During the fermentation process, ammonia is released as a byproduct of the breakdown of nitrogen compounds in the tobacco leaves.

Cigars that smell strongly of ammonia may indicate that they are still too moist and have not been properly aged or stored. Over time, as cigars age and mature, the levels of ammonia and other harsh compounds will naturally decrease, and the flavors and aromas of the cigar will become more balanced and complex.

To prevent cigars from smelling like ammonia, it is important to store them in a properly maintained humidor with a consistent temperature and humidity level. Cigars should also be allowed to rest and age for a period of time before smoking to allow any excess moisture to dissipate and the flavors and aromas to fully develop. Additionally, it is recommended to purchase cigars from reputable sources to ensure their quality and freshness.