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Phases of Tasting Cigars


There are generally four phases of tasting cigars:

1、Pre-light phase: In this phase, you inspect the cigar, looking for any visible flaws, and taking note of its appearance and aroma. You may also feel the texture of the wrapper leaf and test the draw by cutting the cigar and drawing air through it.

2、First third: In this phase, you light the cigar and take your first puffs. You should focus on the initial flavors, including the strength, body, and any dominant flavors such as spices, earthiness, or sweetness.

3、Second third: In this phase, the cigar should start to reveal more complexity, with additional flavors and aromas becoming apparent. You may notice changes in the strength or body of the cigar as well.

4、Final third: In this phase, the cigar should be at its peak, with all of its flavors and aromas coming together. You may notice a shift in the profile of the cigar as it begins to wind down, with some flavors becoming more pronounced while others fade away.

Throughout each phase, it's important to take your time and savor the cigar, paying attention to any changes or nuances in its flavor profile. You may also want to pair the cigar with a beverage, such as whiskey or coffee, to enhance its flavors and create a more enjoyable experience.