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J.C. Newman Cigar History


J.C. Newman Cigar Company is a family-owned business that has been producing premium cigars since 1895. It was founded by Julius Caesar Newman, a Hungarian immigrant, who started the business in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1910, the company moved to Tampa, Florida, which was known as the cigar-making capital of the world at the time. There, J.C. Newman Cigar Company became one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the United States, producing millions of cigars every year. During this time, the company created several well-known brands, including Brick House, El Baton, and Quorum.

During the Great Depression, J.C. Newman Cigar Company struggled, but the family managed to keep the business afloat. In 1954, the company was passed down to Julius Newman's son, Stanford Newman, who helped revitalize the business. Under his leadership, J.C. Newman Cigar Company introduced the Diamond Crown line of cigars, which became one of the company's most successful brands.

In the 1980s, Stanford's son, Eric Newman, took over the business and continued to expand the company's product line. He also led the charge in preserving historic cigar-making traditions, including the construction of the El Reloj factory in Tampa, which was modeled after the original J.C. Newman factory built in 1910.

Today, J.C. Newman Cigar Company is still a family-owned business, with Eric Newman serving as the company's president. The company continues to produce high-quality cigars, with a focus on preserving the traditions of cigar making while embracing innovation and technology.