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Partagas Cigar History


Partagas is a famous cigar brand that originated in Havana, Cuba. The company was founded in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas, a Spanish immigrant who worked as a cigar roller before starting his own production. He established his first factory, called El Canton, in the heart of Havana, where he made some of the finest Cuban cigars of his time. He was admired for his high standards of craftsmanship and his passion for quality.

Don Jaime experimented with various tobacco blends and introduced new sizes and shapes for his cigars. He is credited with inventing the Figurado shape, which is a tapered head and foot, and is still used today in many premium cigars. Under his leadership, the Partagas brand quickly became one of the most sought-after and respected in the cigar industry.

After Don Jaime's death in 1868, the company was sold to Ramon Cifuentes, who continued to produce exceptional cigars using the same techniques and materials. In 1960, the Cuban government nationalized all industries, including the cigar business. Ramon and his family fled to the United States and created a new version of the Partagas brand in the Dominican Republic.

Today, Partagas cigars are still made in the Dominican Republic and continue to be known for their rich, complex flavors and exceptional quality. They are beloved by cigar aficionados around the world and are considered some of the best cigars available.