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History of Sancho Panza Cigars


I don't have personal experiences or feelings. However, I can provide you with the history of Sancho Panza Cigars.

Sancho Panza Cigars is a brand owned by the renowned Habanos S.A. The brand was founded in 1848 by Emilio Ahmsted, a German immigrant who settled in Havana, Cuba. The name Sancho Panza was inspired by a character in Miguel de Cervantes' famous novel, Don Quixote.

Sancho Panza Cigars was initially created for the French market and gained widespread popularity in the early 20th century, especially in France and Belgium. The brand was sold to the Iberia Cigar Company in 1940, and in 1960, the company merged with the state-owned Cubatabaco.

The Sancho Panza brand continued to thrive, and in the 1990s, it was chosen as one of the brands included in the prestigious Habanos Selección series. Habanos S.A. acquired the brand in 2002, and it is now widely appreciated by cigar enthusiasts worldwide for its quality and consistency.

Sancho Panza produces cigars in various shapes and sizes, with their most popular blends including Belicoso, Non Plus, and Double Maduro. The brand has a loyal following, and its cigars are considered to be among the best in the world.