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Coolest Cigar Bands


Cigar bands are an essential part of any cigar, not only for their functional purpose of keeping the wrapper in place but also for their aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the coolest cigar bands that are sure to catch your eye:

1、Arturo Fuente OpusX: The OpusX cigar band features an intricate gold design with the words "OpusX" and "Arturo Fuente" written in elegant script.

2、Liga Privada Unico Serie: The Liga Privada Unico Serie cigar band is simple but stylish, with a sleek black and silver design and the words "Liga Privada" prominently displayed.

3、Montecristo White Series: The Montecristo White Series cigar band features a classic design with the iconic Montecristo logo in gold against a white background.

4、Padron 1926 Serie: The Padron 1926 Serie cigar band is elegant and sophisticated, with a gold and black design that features the year "1926" in bold lettering.

5、Rocky Patel Vintage 1990: The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 cigar band is simple but eye-catching, with a vibrant blue and gold design that features the words "Rocky Patel" and "Vintage 1990."

6、Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real: The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real cigar band features a beautiful, intricate design with the iconic Romeo and Juliet image in the center.

7、Tatuaje Havana VI: The Tatuaje Havana VI cigar band is stylish and modern, with a sleek black and silver design that features the words "Tatuaje" and "Havana VI."

Cigar bands are not only functional but also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of a cigar. These cool cigar bands are sure to catch your eye and make for a great addition to any cigar collection.