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Box-pressed cigars vs round


Box-Pressed Cigars vs Round: What's the Difference?

Cigars come in many different shapes and sizes, but two of the most popular are box-pressed and round. Box-pressed cigars are made by firmly packing round cigars into their final box to create a square shape. On the other hand, round cigars maintain their cylindrical shape from start to finish. But what are the differences between these two shapes?

One of the main differences between box-pressed and round cigars is how they feel in your mouth. Box-pressed cigars can be more difficult to hold between your lips as their square shape doesn't allow for a full clasp. However, some cigar smokers prefer the unique feel of a box-pressed cigar in their mouth.

Another difference between the two shapes is their burn time and taste. Box-pressed cigars are known to burn a bit longer than round cigars, which can be a plus for some smokers. They also tend to have a somewhat stronger taste due to their denser packing.

Despite these differences, both box-pressed and round cigars have their own unique qualities that make them popular among cigar smokers. Round cigars are the most common and traditional shape, while box-pressed cigars offer a modern twist on the classic cigar shape.

In conclusion, whether you prefer the traditional taste and feel of a round cigar or the unique shape and longer burn time of a box-pressed cigar, both shapes have their own merits and are worth trying for any cigar enthusiast.