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1200 cigar humidor


Humidor Cabinet with Digital Hygrometer - Holds 1200 Cigars

If you are a cigar aficionado, you know the importance of keeping your cigars fresh and flavorful. This is where a high-quality humidor comes into play. Among the many options available, the Pelican 1200 cigar humidor stands out for its rugged design, ample capacity, and superior humidity control.

The Pelican 1200 cigar humidor is a travel-friendly case made of sturdy plastic that can withstand extreme weather and rough handling. Its tight seal and pressure relief valve ensure that your cigars stay safe and secure during transport. The case measures 10.62" x 9.68" x 4.87" and weighs 7.05 lbs, making it easy to carry around.

Inside the Pelican 1200 cigar humidor, you will find custom-cut foam trays that can hold up to 30+ cigars. The trays are designed to fit snugly and prevent the cigars from moving around or touching each other. Additionally, the humidor comes with a Boveda humidity pack that maintains a constant humidity level of 69%. This ensures that your cigars remain fresh and avoid drying out.

For those who want a more professional and spacious humidor, the GERMANUS cigar humidor cabinet is an excellent choice. This cabinet is made of high-quality wood and features a digital hygrometer that displays the temperature and humidity levels inside. The cabinet can hold up to 1200 cigars and comes with four adjustable shelves that can be removed to accommodate larger cigars or accessories.

The GERMANUS cigar humidor cabinet also has a built-in humidification system that uses distilled water and a sponge to release moisture gradually. This system ensures that the humidity is distributed evenly throughout the cabinet and prevents mold or bacteria from forming. Moreover, the cabinet has a lock and key for added security and a glass door that allows you to admire your cigar collection.

In conclusion, whether you are a casual smoker or a serious collector, the Pelican 1200 cigar humidor and the GERMANUS cigar humidor cabinet are two exceptional options that offer convenience, durability, and optimal humidity control. With these humidor solutions, you can enjoy your cigars to the fullest and savor their unique flavors and aromas.