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TIME:January 31, 2023   Author:CigarQuery
Saint Luis Rey Cigars

Saint Luis Rey Cigars

Saint Luis Rey brand has a rich history dating back to pre-revolutionary Cuba. Originally intended for the British market, the brand has since gained popularity worldwide and continues to be a favorite among cigar enthusiasts. Today, Altadis USA, a subsidiary of the global tobacco giant Imperial Brands, produces the Saint Luis Rey brand for the American market.

One of the reasons for the brand's ongoing success is its impressive roster of cigars, which includes the Saint Luis Rey Gen 2, Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial, and the Saint Luis Rey Serie G - all with their distinct profiles that cater to the preferences of different cigar smokers. With such a wide range of options, it's not difficult to find a Saint Luis Rey cigar that suits your taste.

The latest addition to the brand, the Saint Luis Rey Carenas, is a testament to Altadis USA's craftsmanship and attention to detail. These cigars feature a unique addition to the wrapper called "Carena," which means "sheath" or "shell" in Spanish. The wrapper leaf is carefully folded into a series of small shells, giving the cigar added strength, flavor, and complexity.

Of course, the origins of this cigar's name are still shrouded in mystery. One theory is that the famous Thornton Wilder novel, "The Bridge of San Luis Rey," was the inspiration. Others suggest that the cigar's name came from a bronze statue of St. Louis, the patron saint of the city of Havana, which was located near the original Saint Luis Rey cigar factory.

No matter where the name came from, there's no denying that the Saint Luis Rey brand has stood the test of time. Altadis USA's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in each cigar they produce, and the Saint Luis Rey Carenas are no exception.

Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado or a newcomer to the world of premium cigars, there's something for you in the Saint Luis Rey brand. So why not explore the different options and discover your new favorite cigar? With Saint Luis Rey, you simply can't go wrong.