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  • Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar - 1 Single

Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar - 1 Single

Price: $7.43
Length: 4 inches
Ring: 40
weight: 0.05 kg
smoke time: 50 minutes

Price for Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar - 1 Single is $7.43. The length of the Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar is 4 inches. Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar is 40 ring gauge in diameter. The weight of Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar is 0.05 kg. This Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar smoking time is about 50 minutes. The size of this Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar is 1 Single.

Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar is a Dominican cigar that was created in 1825 by Manuel Quesada. This cigar is made of aged Dominican long-fillers, aged Dominican binder and aged Dominican wrapper.

Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar has a medium to full body taste with notes of cedar, cream, and spice on the palate. It's rich flavor comes from the blending process as it uses three different tobaccos from three different countries: Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic

Diplomaticos No.5 cigar is one of the most popular cigars in history with a blend that has been perfected over more than two centuries of production

Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar - 1 Single is an affordable cigar that has a smooth taste and a great aroma. It is made in Nicaragua and comes in four sizes: Robusto, Toro, Churchill, and Gordo.

The Diplomaticos No. 5 cigar was created by the Oliva Family, who wanted to create a cigar that would be affordable for all smokers but still maintain its quality at the same time. The cigars are rolled with Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos from their farms in Esteli and Jalapa, which are aged for 4 years before they are put into boxes of 20 sticks at a time.

A cigar can be a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. It is also an affordable luxury that's easy to enjoy.

The Diplomaticos No. 5 Cigar was created with the idea of providing a premium cigar at an affordable price so that everyone could enjoy the smooth taste of this mild-medium bodied smoke.

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