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  • H. Upmann "Eminentes Sublimes" 500 cigars capacity (code 0

H. Upmann "Eminentes Sublimes" 500 cigars capacity (code 0

Price: $0
Length: 0 inches
Ring: 0
weight: 0 kg
smoke time: 50 minutes

H. Upmann is the name of a premium cigar brand which is manufactured in Honduras and Nicaragua. It was introduced in 1844 by Henri Upmann, a French tobacco merchant.

The 34 500 cigars capacity (code 0) is a very rare cigar which has been made available to customers who purchase it at the company’s website.

The H. Upmann & 34Eminentes Sublimes& 34 is a cigar with a unique blend of tobaccos that is made in Nicaragua. This cigar has a taste of leather and pepper which make it an excellent smoke.

The H. Upmann & 34Eminentes Sublimes& 34 is one of the most expensive cigars in the world, with an average price between $8,000 and $12,000 per box. The cigar was designed by Pepín Avila y Cía to commemorate its founder from Spain, Don Francisco Martínez Hernández y Cía.

The H. Upmann & 34Eminentes Sublimes is a cigar that comes in a box of 10 cigars and has a price tag of $24.99 with a 500 cigar capacity.

The cigars are made in Honduras by the H. Upmann factory and are made with the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Dominican Republic. The cigars have an exquisite taste of tobacco leaves, aged cedar, and sweet honey flavor with hints of leather and cocoa that make it one of the best cigars on the market today.

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