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  • Charatan Panatella Cigar - 1 Single

Charatan Panatella Cigar - 1 Single

Price: $12.88
Length: 6 inches
Ring: 38
weight: 0.05 kg
smoke time: 60 minutes

Charatan Panatella Cigar - 1 Single is on sale for $12.88. The Charatan Panatella Cigar has 6 inches. With a 38 ring gauge diameter,for Charatan Panatella Cigar. The Charatan Panatella Cigar weight 0.05 kg. This Charatan Panatella Cigar smoking time is about 60 minutes. The size of this Charatan Panatella Cigar is 1 Single.

The Charatan story began in 1863 when Frederick Charatan opened a tobacco shop in Mansell Street, London. There are many stories to tell; from the Charatan family's involvement until 1960 to the exclusive, highly popular cigars produced by Dunhill Tobacco of London in the 90's that made Charatan cigars the #1 Nicaraguan brand in the UK. Over 150 years later the story continues...

Charatan has been blended uniquely for the British cigar smoker using a subtle blend of Seco, Ligero and Volado filler leaves bound with an Indonesian binder from Besuki and wrapped in shade grown Java.

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