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  • Jade No. 1 - Burma 5s

Jade No. 1 - Burma 5s

Price: $24.79
Length: 0 inches
Ring: 0
weight: 0.05 kg
smoke time: 50 minutes

Jade No. 1 - Burma 5s selling for $24.79. The Jade No. 1 is 0 inches in length. Jade No. 1 has 0 ring gauge in diameter. The weight of this Jade No. 1 is about 0.05 kg. The smoking time of this Jade No. 1 is about 50 minutes. The size of this Jade No. 1 is Burma 5s.

The Jade No. 1 is a cigar that was introduced in the year 1875. It is a handmade cigar, which means it is hand rolled by a master cigar maker.

The Jade No. 1 has been around for over 130 years and it has been popular among cigar smokers for its taste and quality. It was never mass produced, so that means it has a unique taste and quality that cannot be replicated with other cigars.

The price of this cigar can vary depending on the length of the stick, but generally they are priced between $10-$30 per stick.

Jade No. 1 is a cigar from Burma, which is the name of its country. It has a unique taste that some people find to be too strong, but it is made with quality tobacco leaves.

Jade No. 1 was created in 1875 by the British company "Jade and Co." in London. It was made using Cuban tobacco leaves and designed to be a cheaper alternative to other cigars on the market.

The price of Jade No. 1 cigars varies depending on the size, wrapper, and length of the cigar. The smallest size is 7 inches long and costs $2-3 USD while the longest size is 5 inches long and costs $4-5 USD per cigar

The most expensive cigar in the world is called the Jade No. 1. It is made of a rare and precious white jade stone and it has been crafted with a gold-plated head. This cigar is only sold at a price of $5,000,000 USD per box and comes in limited quantities.

The Jade No. 1 is not just expensive because of its rarity but also because it has been handcrafted by cigar masters who are considered to be among the best in their field. This makes it more unique compared to other cigars that are mass produced using automated machines and processes.

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