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  • Cuaba Divinos Cigar - Box of 25

Cuaba Divinos Cigar - Box of 25

Price: $474.75
Length: 4 inches
Ring: 43
weight: 0.5 kg
smoke time: 20 minutes

Cuaba Divinos Cigar - Box of 25 is on sale for $474.75. The Cuaba Divinos Cigar has 4 inches. With a 43 ring gauge diameter,for Cuaba Divinos Cigar. The weight of Cuaba Divinos Cigar is 0.5 kg. This Cuaba Divinos Cigar smoking time is about 20 minutes. The size of this Cuaba Divinos Cigar is Box of 25.

Every Cuaba is made in the distinctive shape known as a double figurado, the style that at the end of the 19th Century was all the rage for Habanos. 

Double figurados are at the pinnacle of the cigar makers' art and for this alone they merit a place in every cigar enthusiast's collection. 

Cuaba, like Cohiba, is a Taino Indian word dating back to the time of Columbus. It was their name for a highly combustible bush, which the Indians used to light their 'Cohibas.'

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