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What Is Cigar Glue?


Cigar glue, also known as cigar adhesive, is a type of glue that is specifically designed for use in repairing cigars. It is typically made from a natural vegetable gum or resin, such as Arabic gum or tragacanth, that is mixed with water to create a sticky and adhesive solution.

Cigar glue is often used to fix tears or holes in the wrapper of a cigar, which can occur during shipping or handling. It is applied with a small brush or dropper, and then the cigar is left to dry before being smoked.

While cigar glue can be effective in repairing damaged cigars, it is important to use it sparingly and to only use it on minor repairs. Overuse of cigar glue can affect the taste and aroma of the cigar, and may even lead to the glue igniting and causing a harsh or unpleasant flavor. As such, it is recommended to use cigar glue only as a temporary fix and to seek the advice of a professional cigar repair specialist for more extensive repairs.