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How to Do a Blind Cigar Tasting


Blind cigar tastings are a fun and educational way to test your palate and improve your cigar knowledge. Here are some steps to conduct a blind cigar tasting:

1、Choose a variety of cigars - Ideally, you should select cigars of similar sizes, shapes, and price ranges to make the comparison fair. It's also a good idea to choose cigars from different brands or countries to broaden your tasting experience.

2、Remove the bands - To ensure a blind tasting, remove the bands from the cigars before you start the tasting. This way, you won't be influenced by the brand or the appearance of the cigar.

3、Cut and light the cigars - Cut and light each cigar as you would normally, making sure to take note of the draw, burn, and smoke output.

4、Take notes - As you smoke each cigar, take notes on the flavor, aroma, strength, and body of the cigar. Make sure to take your time and really savor each cigar.

5、Compare and rank the cigars - Once you have finished smoking all the cigars, compare your notes and rank the cigars from best to worst. You can also discuss your findings with other tasters to see if you agree or disagree on the rankings.

6、Reveal the cigars - Finally, reveal the cigars to see if your guesses were accurate and to learn more about each cigar's origin, blend, and other information that may have influenced your tasting.

Blind cigar tastings can be a fun and educational experience that can help you develop your palate and gain a deeper appreciation for different cigars.