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What Is a Puro Cigar?


A puro cigar is a type of cigar made exclusively from tobacco grown in a single country or region. The term "puro" is a Spanish word that means "pure" or "true," and it is often used to describe cigars that are made from 100% tobacco from a specific country.

For example, a Cuban puro cigar is made using only tobacco grown in Cuba, while a Honduran puro is made using only Honduran tobacco. Puros can also be made using tobacco from a specific region within a country, such as a Dominican puro made using tobacco from the Cibao Valley.

Puro cigars are often prized by cigar enthusiasts for their unique and distinct flavor profiles, which are influenced by the soil, climate, and other environmental factors of the region where the tobacco is grown. By using tobacco from a single source, puros are able to showcase the unique flavors and aromas of the tobacco, without being influenced by other tobaccos from different regions or countries.