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Best Butane for Torch Lighters


When it comes to using a torch lighter for your cigars, the quality of the butane you use can make a big difference in terms of performance, reliability, and maintenance of the lighter. Here are some of the best butanes for torch lighters:

1、Colibri Premium Butane: This is a high-quality butane that is widely recommended by cigar enthusiasts. It is refined 5 times, making it cleaner and less likely to clog your lighter.

2、Xikar Purofine High Performance Butane: Xikar is a well-known brand in the cigar world and their butane is no exception. This butane is specifically designed for use in high-performance torch lighters, providing a steady and reliable flame.

3、Vector Quintuple Refined Butane: Vector is another popular brand in the cigar world and their butane is known for being clean-burning and reliable. This butane is refined 5 times, ensuring that your lighter stays in good condition.

4、Blazer Premium Butane: This butane is designed to work with Blazer torch lighters, but can be used in other lighters as well. It is refined 7 times for maximum purity and performance.

5、Lotus Triple Refined Butane: Lotus is a lesser-known brand, but their butane is well-regarded by cigar enthusiasts. It is refined 3 times and produces a clean, reliable flame.

It is important to note that when filling your lighter with butane, you should always use a canister designed specifically for refilling torch lighters. This will ensure that the butane is filtered and free of impurities that can clog your lighter. Additionally, it is recommended to bleed the lighter before refilling it to ensure that any air and old butane is removed from the tank.