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National Smoke a Cigar Day


National Smoke a Cigar Day is a holiday celebrated annually on December 20th in the United States. This day is a celebration of the culture and enjoyment of smoking cigars, and is an opportunity for cigar enthusiasts to share their love of cigars with others.

The origins of National Smoke a Cigar Day are unclear, but the holiday has gained popularity in recent years, with many cigar enthusiasts and retailers using it as a way to promote the cigar culture and encourage more people to try smoking cigars.

On National Smoke a Cigar Day, cigar smokers typically gather together to enjoy their favorite cigars and share their experiences with others. Some cigar shops and lounges also host events and promotions to celebrate the holiday, such as special deals on cigars or tastings of new cigar brands.

As with any tobacco product, it is important to smoke cigars responsibly and in moderation. It is recommended that cigar smokers enjoy their cigars in well-ventilated areas and avoid inhaling the smoke, which can be harmful to your health. National Smoke a Cigar Day is a celebration of the cigar culture, but it is important to remember to smoke responsibly and respect the health of those around you.