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The History of Cigar Bands


Cigar bands, also known as cigar labels, have a rich history dating back to the early days of cigar production. Here is a brief overview of the history of cigar bands:

1、Early Cigars: The first cigars produced in the early 19th century did not have any bands or labels. Cigars were sold in bulk or in bundles wrapped in plain paper or cloth.

2、Pre-printed Labels: In the mid-19th century, pre-printed labels were introduced to the cigar industry. These labels were produced in large quantities and used by multiple manufacturers. The labels often featured generic designs or images of famous people or places.

3、Custom Bands: In the late 19th century, custom bands became popular among cigar manufacturers. These bands featured the name of the manufacturer, the brand name, and sometimes additional information such as the country of origin or the cigar's strength.

4、Golden Age: The early 20th century is considered the "golden age" of cigar bands. During this time, cigar manufacturers began to produce highly decorative and ornate bands that were often printed in gold or silver foil. Some bands featured intricate designs, while others included images of famous people, landmarks, or events.

5、Contemporary Bands: In the modern era, cigar bands continue to be an important part of the cigar industry. While some manufacturers still produce highly decorative bands, many others opt for simpler designs that focus on the brand name and logo.

Today, cigar bands serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. They help to identify and distinguish different brands and blends of cigars, and they also serve as a way for manufacturers to showcase their creativity and brand identity.