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Cuban Cigar Factory Codes


Cuban cigar factory codes are a series of letters and numbers that are stamped onto the bottom of boxes of Cuban cigars. These codes are used to identify the factory that produced the cigars, as well as the date of production.

The factory code consists of three or four letters, which correspond to the factory where the cigars were produced. Some common factory codes include:

    1、EMS: El Rey del Mundo factory

    2、LGC: La Gloria Cubana factory

    3、MEL: Romeo y Julieta factory

    4、RAA: Rafael Gonzalez factory

    5、SAG: Partagas factory

The date code consists of two letters and a number, which indicate the month and year of production. The first letter corresponds to the month (A = January, B = February, C = March, and so on), and the second letter corresponds to the year (N = 1990s, O = 2000s, P = 2010s).

For example, a box of Cuban cigars with the code "RAA DIC 19" would indicate that the cigars were produced at the Rafael Gonzalez factory in December 2019.

It's important to note that these codes are not always accurate, as some counterfeiters may try to replicate them to make their fake cigars appear more authentic. Therefore, it's always best to purchase Cuban cigars from a reputable and authorized dealer to ensure their authenticity.