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Humidor Accessories

Humidor Accessories

As a beginner in the world of cigars, it is essential to understand the significance of proper cigar storage. One of the best ways to store your cigars is by using a humidor, which is a climate-controlled box designed to maintain the ideal humidity level for cigars.

When it comes to setting up a humidor, there are a few accessories that are necessary. These include a hygrometer, humidifying device, and distilled water. A hygrometer is used to measure the humidity level inside the humidor, while a humidifying device helps maintain the ideal humidity level. Distilled water is used to fill the humidifying device to ensure it works correctly.

Once you have set up your humidor, it is crucial to maintain it properly. This means checking the humidity level regularly, ensuring the humidifying device has sufficient water, and periodically cleaning the humidor with a damp cloth to avoid the growth of mold or bacteria.

One of the most popular accessories for a humidor is the Boveda Starter Kit, which is designed for humidors that can hold between 110-160 cigars. This kit provides everything you need to initiate and maintain the ideal humidity level for your cigars for the first three months.

Moreover, there are various types of humidors available in the market. These include portable humidors, desktop humidors, and cabinet humidors, ranging in size and style. Portable humidors are compact and ideal for traveling with a few cigars. Desktop humidors are perfect for home or office use and can hold around 50-100 cigars. Cabinet humidors are the largest type of humidor and can hold anywhere from 800 to 3000 cigars.

In addition to humidors, there are other accessories that you may want to consider for improving your cigar smoking experience. These include cigar cutters, lighters, and ashtrays. A cigar cutter is used to cut the cigar cap, allowing for a smooth draw and even burning. A lighter is used to light the cigar, and an ashtray is used to hold the cigar when it is not being smoked.

Ultimately, properly storing and maintaining your cigars with a humidor and accessories is essential to ensure a consistent smoking experience. Make sure to select the right size humidor for your cigar collection, set it up correctly, and keep it maintained regularly. With the right accessories, such as the Boveda Starter Kit, cigar cutters, lighters, and ashtrays, you can enhance your cigar smoking experience and indulge in the rich flavors and aromas of premium cigars.

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