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  • Davidoff Signature No. 3 Cigar - Box of 25

Davidoff Signature No. 3 Cigar - Box of 25

Price: $277.67
Length: 5.125 inches
Ring: 30
weight: 0 kg
smoke time: 50 minutes

The Davidoff Signature No. 3 Cigar is a premium cigar that is made with Cuban-seed tobaccos and Dominican binder and wrapper leaves. It has been featured in many magazines, television shows, and movies for its taste and quality.

Davidoff cigars are known for their smooth taste, which makes them a popular choice among cigar lovers of all levels. They are also known to be one of the most expensive cigars on the market with a price tag of around $100 per box of 25 cigars.

Davidoff Signature No. 3 cigar is a well-known and popular cigar that is produced by Davidoff of Geneva, Switzerland. It has a medium to full body, with hints of leather and wood. It also has a taste that is described as "creamy woody with hints of coffee."

The Davidoff Signature No. 3 cigar was first released in the year 1875 by Alfred Dunhill. The cigar immediately became popular and was sold at a high price because it was made from Cuban-seed tobaccos and Dominican Republic tobacco leaves.

Davidoff’s Signature No. 3 Cigar is a Dominican puro that is produced in a size of 7 1/2 inches long and 42 ring gauge. It has a Connecticut Shade wrapper, which means it has been aged for at least four years, and it also has an Ecuadorian binder and filler tobacco.

The Davidoff Signature No. 3 Cigar has a light brown wrapper with red lines running through it to create the appearance of the veins on a leaf of tobacco. The cigar is made with an Ecuadorian binder, which gives it its rich taste, and the filler tobacco comes from the Dominican Republic. The cigar is sold in 25-count boxes for $8 each, making them perfect for gifting or sharing with friends who you want to introduce to cigars as well!

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