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  • Charatan Robusto Cigar - 1 Single

Charatan Robusto Cigar - 1 Single

Price: $19.31
Length: 4.5 inches
Ring: 50
weight: 0.05 kg
smoke time: 60 minutes

Charatan Robusto Cigar - 1 Single is on sale for $19.31. The Charatan Robusto Cigar has 4.5 inches. Charatan Robusto Cigar has 50 ring gauge in diameter. The Charatan Robusto Cigar weight 0.05 kg. The Charatan Robusto Cigar with a burn time of 60 minutes. The size of this Charatan Robusto Cigar is 1 Single.

The Charatan story began in 1863 when Frederick Charatan opened a tobacco shop in Mansell Street, London. There are many stories to tell; from the Charatan family's involvement until 1960 to the exclusive, highly popular cigars produced by Dunhill Tobacco of London in the 90's that made Charatan cigars the #1 Nicaraguan brand in the UK. Over 150 years later the story continues...

Charatan has been blended uniquely for the British cigar smoker using a subtle blend of Seco, Ligero and Volado filler leaves bound with an Indonesian binder from Besuki and wrapped in shade grown Java.

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