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Top 10 Everyman Beer & Cigar Pairings


Pairing a cold beer with a premium cigar can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Here are the top 10 Everyman beer and cigar pairings that anyone can enjoy:

1、IPA and Maduro Cigar: The bold and hoppy flavors of an IPA can complement the richness of a Maduro cigar.

2、Stout and Connecticut Cigar: The smooth and creamy texture of a stout can balance the mild and nutty flavors of a Connecticut cigar.

3、Pilsner and Habano Cigar: The crisp and refreshing taste of a pilsner can contrast the earthy and spicy notes of a Habano cigar.

4、Wheat Beer and Cameroon Cigar: The light and citrusy taste of a wheat beer can harmonize with the sweet and nutty flavors of a Cameroon cigar.

5、Amber Ale and Corojo Cigar: The toasty and caramel notes of an amber ale can complement the bold and spicy flavors of a Corojo cigar.

6、Brown Ale and Sumatra Cigar: The smooth and malty taste of a brown ale can balance the bold and peppery notes of a Sumatra cigar.

7、Lager and Candela Cigar: The clean and crisp taste of a lager can contrast the mild and grassy flavors of a Candela cigar.

8、Hefeweizen and Connecticut Broadleaf Cigar: The fruity and spicy taste of a hefeweizen can match the sweet and earthy flavors of a Connecticut Broadleaf cigar.

9、Belgian Dubbel and Oscuro Cigar: The fruity and spicy notes of a Belgian Dubbel can balance the dark and intense flavors of an Oscuro cigar.

10、Porter and Brazilian Cigar: The chocolate and coffee flavors of a porter can complement the bold and smoky notes of a Brazilian cigar.

Overall, these pairings can provide a delightful sensory experience for any beer and cigar lover, and experimenting with different combinations can lead to new and exciting flavor combinations.